Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fit-Pic: Remembering the Chicago Marathon

With many marathoners, or almost-marathoners for those tackling for the first time this year, wrapping up their long runs and going into taper or race mode, it seemed the appropriate time to bring up past memories. That and it's been so cold and dreary here that I wanted to remember warmer days. So in today's Fit-Pic, check out the scene at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2008. Not as sweltering as 2007 when the race turned into a survival mission at the halfway mark and some runners were transported on buses to the finish line, but still warm enough--at least for this runner who thinks 75 degrees is too hot for 26.2 miles. There's a reason I choose to run these distances in the fall--cooler weather--it's just that Chicago wasn't giving it to me.

But anyway, here's the mass of runners winding through the streets of downtown Chicago. Even with 45,000 registered, the crowds spread out by mile 12 at the latest thanks to no-shows and wide streets. Just beware of the pacing groups--if you're not running in one they can swarm you when they're ready to pass.

Look for more Chicago Marathon info as race day approaches. Posted by Kate

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