Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chicagolanders Do Kona

I just posted this at (I'm also the Chicago Endurance Sports Examiner over there) and figured I may as well add it here. Enjoy some Chicago-centric content surrounding the Ironman.

Admit it, sometimes it's a little easier or more satisfying to cheer for the hometown crowd when you're following an event like an Ironman, marathon or cycling tour. It's nice to know who those athletes are ahead of time, But sometimes you don't know who those people are until you peruse the results list and go, "I didn't know they were racing." An athlete acquaintance could be reserved over his or her athletic accolades and not share his or her competition schedule until after the race is over. Regardless of the scenario, if you want to know some athletes with local connections swimming, pedaling and running their way through an Ironman day at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, check out the list below. Also please note it's not listed in any particular order.
  • Adrienne Saeger, Naperville. Runs Power of Your Om yoga studio and qualified at Ironman Wisconsin 2008.
  • Erin Kersten, Chicago. Qualified at Ironman Canada 2009.
  • Dan Litwora, Chicago. Qualified at Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2009.
  • MJ Slikas, Orland Park. Qualified at Ironman Louisville 2009.
  • Julie Woods. Recently relocated from Chicago to Hong Kong and qualified at the super-hot Ironman China.
  • Natalie Schaefer. Recently relocated from Chicago to the Bay Area and qualified at Ironman Wisconsin 2008.
  • Adam Zucco, Elburn. Partners with Joe Friel at Training Bible Coaching. Qualified at Ironman 70.3 California and did Ironman Wisconsin 2009 as a trainer for Kona.
  • Bob Scott, Naperville. This 79-year-old is one of the oldest competitors in Kona.
  • Adam Brown, Aurora. Coaches and blogs on triathlon, teaches too.
  • Mike Adamle, Evanston. You've seen his face on NBC 5, also played for the Chicago Bears and hosted American Gladiators in the '80s.
  • D'Arcy Dawson. Recently relocated from Chicago to Indiana and qualified at Ironman Louisville 2009.
  • Keith Bowersox, Wilmette. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
  • Lindsey Hankus, North Riverside. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
  • Cyril Khairallah, Chicago. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
  • James Robesky, Quincy. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
  • H. Scott Sarran, Chicago. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
  • Travis Schroll, Beardstown. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
  • Matt Woleben, Evanston. Won a lottery spot in the April drawing.
Some athletes are probably missing from this list, but at least it's something to start from when cheering. Check out more details and competitors at Photo grabbed from Marion Doss at flickr. Posted by Kate


  1. Hey Katie!!! I must say... Having has a little experience recently with some bad reporting (typos, wrong names listed, etc.) you sure do your research and get stuff right! Thanks for putting this list together to see who else was out there from the area. :)

  2. Hey Adrienne,

    So I'm ridiculously late in commenting, not sure why I never did the first time around. But thanks for the compliment. I think I started young...I hated seeing my name spelled incorrectly when the local paper published swimming results so I'd hate to do it to someone unless it was completely accidental. Sorry you had to experience bad reporting with typos and incorrect names. Happy to put together this seeing all the locals who competed. We miss you around these parts!




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