Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fit-Pic: Light Like Flyknit

You know a shoe has to be good--or popular or too cool for words--when there's a special launch party for it. Lines used to form outside Niketown Chicago the night before a major Air Jordan release. Shoes seemed to be flying off the shelves the night the Saucony Kinvara 3's became available. Several runners packed into Fleet Feet Chicago to run at midnight when Under Armour released its first running shoe. It was no different for the release of the Nike Flyknit.

The shoe fits like a sock--and if you bought it tonight you could get it steamed to practically fit like one too. It weighs only 7.7 ounces. It's knit using a yarn that looks and feels a little like dental floss. It's flashy and bright--and that makes it even more desirable for me, which usually doesn't happen (I'm the neutral-is-good gal). It's been kept under wraps since it was revealed to a select group of running store teams (Fleet Feet's Dave Zimmer said that he and Catherine Moloznik, the store's product buyer, learned about it in Austin, Texas, in November) and media. It's currently only available in the Midwest at Fleet Feet Chicago. It's being worn on the medal stand by some of the U.S. sports teams. 

After purchasing your Flyknits, they'd be steamed for a closer fit--and returned to you out of this steamer box.
My only regrets: I should have bought a pair or at least tried them on. My reason for not trying them on was simple though--I knew I'd want a pair. But I'd have a hard time justifying yet another shoe purchase, even one as special as the Flyknit that came with the steam fit and a special Nike tee. And unfortunately, the thought of being able to run sockless, blister-free and maybe even faster--and wear something the Olympians have--wouldn't fly with the rest of the family.

Check out more pictures from the release party here.

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