Friday, August 3, 2012

Top 10 Workout Songs for August

Credit: Taylor Burnes
What are those Olympians listening to? If you've been watching even an iota of the Summer Olympics coverage, you've probably caught at least one person, namely the swimmers, wearing headphones as they stride onto the pool deck. Some are big--like those hiding under the hoods of Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Anthony Ervin--while others are the basic iPod earbuds. As for what those athletes are blasting through their ears to fire them up for their races, I can only guess, but I'd surmise that its loud and fast-paced.

That's what I'd want to listen to--and often do when I'm running a marathon or training along the Lakefront--when I need to get the adrenaline rushing. And while I might have a playlist that many would cringe at (hey, it works for me), I'm not too off-beat. Run Hundred's top workout songs, this month especially, are fast-paced and popular--finally a month where I've listened to most of the songs, and more than once. All but two among August's top 10, according to votes placed at Run Hundred, have more than 120 beats per minute, perfect for busting out a speed set even when you're not an Olympian.

Here's the list of August's top 10 workout songs:

To find more workout songs, head over to the free database at where you can browse the song selections by genre, tempo, and era to find the music that best fits with your workout routine.

What songs are on your playlist this month? And what do you think those Olympians are listening to?

Photo grabbed from Taylor Burnes at flickr.

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