Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fit-Pic: Best Spot to Watch the Chicago Triathlon

 Where's the best spot to watch a race? We all have our favorite locations whether it's for the marathon or the triathlon or any other event that comes through Chicago that brings spectators out to watch. My parents have their route mapped for the marathon. My husband has his favorite picture-taking locations at the triathlon--and usually surprises me when he pops up by the race photographers near T2. Ask anyone else, as I did for a Chicago Athlete article, and they'll tell you theirs.

Except I don't have any because I'm usually racing. But I always said that I'd want to stand on the North Avenue Bridge the morning of the Chicago Triathlon (now dubbed the Life Time Tri Chicago) and watch triathletes buzz underneath. I've spotted those spectators from below as a racer, and I remember someone telling me years ago that was a unique spot to watch the race. And when you want to watch the bike portion--and you're not about to sit in car traffic on Lake Shore Drive to do so--and you don't want to fight crowds by the swim start and finish line, this is about as good as it gets. As for identifying racers, that didn't seem like it'd be too difficult as long as you knew their race numbers and when they started--easy if you tried the triathlon's Athlete Tracker app. But then again, I wasn't cheering for anyone in particular or trying to read any race numbers.

Where do you like to watch the Life Time Tri Chicago?



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