Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 8/2

Wish we could watch swimming live. Credit: Ben Sutherland
It's the Olympics. It's swimming week. It's been four years in the waiting, or four weeks if you count the U.S. Olympic Trials that already had me fired up for this action. It's me a near-crazed lunatic (if there's a way that can even exist), shouting at the TV during a close race, cursing the computer when the live feed doesn't work (and then venting my frustration on social media), spouting off Olympics trivia and facts on the swimmers, and tweeting more than probably ever have in a five day period and wishing that I could get followed by--or retweeted or replied to by--a swimmer or two.

But if my husband has to listen to one more evening of me reciting swimmer stats or commenting on the awesome swimmer bods, I think I might wake up with duct tape over my mouth tomorrow morning just to shut me up. To keep him off my back, check out the swimming spotlight on today's daily feed:

How can I not get excited when a Northwestern alum wins gold? It's impossible not to give a wildcat roar to Matt Grevers after his win in the 100 back. But did you know that he almost swam for the Dutch team instead of Team USA?

She's the swim team's co-captain, yet many of her accomplishments have slipped under the radar. Until last night. Rebecca Soni set the world record during her semifinal heat of the 200 breaststroke with a time that many of us can't even pull off swimming freestyle. The Bleacher Report found 10 things you'd want to know about this Olympian who already won a silver medal in the 100 breast and goes for gold tonight.

I can't help but love Anthony Ervin. Maybe it's from all my years of swimming the 50 free (so what if it was seconds slower than what Ervin can pull off in the pool) or following the Olympics only to see someone return to the world's stage (or stay in it like "professional relay swimmer" Jason Lezak). You hear his interviews and read stories like this Rolling Stone piece, and you can't help but be impressed and excited for his sprints.

It's really hard to believe that Missy Franklin is only 17--maybe because of her height, shoe size and packed Olympic schedule. But she is still a teenager and Teen Vogue caught up with her before her London debut.

What a nail-biting performance in the pool during last night's 100 free final for the men? I'd hope after winning gold that Nathan Adrian finally realizes how good of a swimmer he is. The Daily Californian believes it and so do I.

We haven't seen much of Natalie Coughlin this Olympics--she only qualified to swim the 4x100 relay after getting touched out by some younger swimmers at Trials. Maybe that's why I liked watching the Today Show clip about what she does when she's not swimming.

What did Brendan Hansen do after he retired from swimming post-Beijing? He got into triathlons. I thought I'd stumble into one of those articles, but found myself reading this Fox Sports one about his return to the pool.

I thought I liked Cookie Monster singing a sharing version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." That was until the U.S. swim team lip-synched, danced and head-bobbed to the tune in this viral video. I can't help but push play over and over again, simply in an effort to try to identify the swimmers (props if you can tell me who's sliding down the waterslide). And watch Ryan Lochte blow a kiss to the camera.

Gotta love Olympians showing off their hardware--like in this Today Show slideshow--and half-naked, ab-tastic male swimmers (thank you for that eye candy Glamour!).

What have you been reading?

Photo grabbed from Ben Sutherland at flickr.

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