Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tri-ing to Save Race Money in Chicago

The weather might have us fooled that summer is just around the corner. The mercury is pushing 60 degrees in Chicago, and we've left our winter coats and layers behind to sport short-sleeves, shorts and capris on the run, maybe took the bike off the trainer for the rare opportunity that it's warm enough--and not too icy--to ride outside mid-winter, and maybe even thought about being one of those Lake Monsters that take a dip in Lake Michigan regardless of time of year or water temperature. OK, that last one might be a bit of a stretch, but who says we can't dream that we'll soon be swapping pool laps for open water?

But there are still a few hours left of January. Before the month comes to a close, there's one thing many a triathlete (or a wannabe) might want to consider: registering for the Life Time Chicago Triathlon. You see, race registration opened on January 1--talk about a way to kick off a New Year's resolution to complete a triathlon by already confirming a race to the schedule--and a price increase is right around the corner. And when you're a regular racer--one like me who's trying to save any buck she can get--you know how much the wallet can start to hurt as the race registrations add up.

At the Chicago Triathlon, the race registration fees will increase by $15 when the clock turns over to midnight, Feb. 1. The sprint race is currently $115 and will increase to $130, while the international distance will increase from $150 to $165. If you have to pay for a one-day USA Triathlon license, there's your cost right there.

The sprint and international distance races are set for Sunday, August 26. Plenty of time to learn how to swim, bike, run or perfect the disciplines. For more details on the 2012 event, visit chicagotriathlon.com. Who's thinking about racing?

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