Monday, May 2, 2011

Work Out in Central Park...with SELF

Working out with SELF in San Francisco on April 30
Maybe your New Year's resolutions to get fit in 2011 went out the window months ago and you've been trying to jump back on the fit wagon. Maybe you're a gym junkie and you're ready and willing to try anything when it comes to fitness. Maybe you need an activity to do with Mom or the girls and want to give it an active spin. Whatever the case, if you're in need of a little fitness and you're going to be in the Big Apple--or close enough to Manhattan to venture in on a Saturday--you won't want to miss the 2011 rendition of SELF Magazine's Workout in the Park.

I'm unfortunately too late in sharing the details on the San Francisco edition that took place this Saturday, but I'm just in time--barely I'll admit (sorry!)--for the two that follow in New York and Chicago this month. New York is up first on Saturday, May 7, and then Chicago gets the Workout in the Park next on Saturday, May 21. If you've ever wanted to see what it's like to have the pages of SELF magazine unfold before your eyes in live-action form, now's your chance.

Each city's event varies a little bit and this time around I've got the details on what's happening in New York on May 7. The 18th annual health, wellness and fitness festival lands in Central Park, at Rumsey Playfield to be exact, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. I know what you might be thinking: four hours is a long time to be working out especially if I don't have an Ironman, half Ironman or marathon on the docket. But honestly, this four hours is so jam-packed, you'll wish you had more time to cruise the beauty booths, snag some samples, break a sweat at the fitness classes, or rejuvenate body and mind in the quiet zone.

The highlight? For this workout enthusiast--even if I do trip over my own two feet when you stick me in an unfamiliar group fitness class--it's all about Workout in the Park's fitness classes. With 17 to choose from running throughout the day and featuring top-notch instruction from Crunch trainers, it's hard to want to sit them out--even the ones that were so popular in the past that they're back on the schedule like Retro-Robics, Masala Bhangra and Beach Body. Among the class offerings and experiences, here are four to check out:
  • LaBlast. Do your best Dancing with the Stars moves at this cardio fat-burning dance class that involves ballroom dance genres. Its combination of body movements and creative routines will make you sweat!
  • Glee. Who knew that a sing-and-dance TV show could be transformed into exercise? Not me. But in this class where you're the star, you'll learn songs and dances from the show.
  • Kama Strength. Strengthen now, prep for later? This class also takes on another meaning: Kama sutra fitness. Externally it'll strengthen the muscles, and internally it'll boost your libido.
  • Reebok Toning Zone. If you've wanted to know how toning shoes, one of today's biggest fitness trends, compare to your usual sneaks, you can witness it first-hand here where you'll perform unique total-body exercises inspired by Reebok's EasyTone shoes.
Leading you with plenty of energy is Danielle Monaro from Z100's Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. She'll be hosting the day's festivities with that same spunk you hear on the radio, perfect for when you're feeling a sugar low or pooped out from the last activity.

But if you want to attend the New York City event, you have to plan ahead. Unlike in San Francisco and Chicago, you won't be able to pay cash for on-site tickets. The $20 per-person tickets include a subscription to SELF as well as the events for the day--plus almost half of the ticket cost goes toward Cancer and Careers, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. You can score them by purchasing in advance online. Who's ready to work out?

Photo grabbed from Everyday Socialite at flickr.

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