Friday, May 20, 2011

Clif Bar's Meet the Moment

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure of a lifetime but couldn't seem to find the time or resources? Clif Bar wants to help you out with the chance to win that dream adventure. And they'll be helping out five non-profit organizations that protect the outdoors in the process.

On Monday the California-based company launched Meet the Moment, a celebration of athletic adventures and the places they happen. Um, OK, but what does that mean? They want all of us to share our awe-inspiring adventurous moments, images and stories and upload them to their Meet the Moment website. The three people with the most inspirational and creative Moments, uploaded by July 31 (provided that the world doesn't end tomorrow as rumored), will be rewarded by Clif with the chance to pursue their adventure. Any dream goes as long as it doesn't exceed $12,000--chasing down the professionals at the Tour de France, riding waves at Maverick's, trekking the Amazon, cruising the Nile.

The idea behind these momentous occasions is to protect these places that we dream to explore or have been so lucky to experience already. So for each first Moment that's uploaded, Clif Bar will donate $5 to one of five non-profit organizations that are dedicated to protecting the outdoor environs. Clif will make the donation on behalf of the person who uploaded the moment and that person can choose his favorite of the five:
These five organizations were selected as beneficiaries because they focus on protecting several Meet the Moment places both now and for generations to come. But here's where we come in: if people create 10,000 Moments by July 31, Clif will double its contributions to each non-profit.

How it works
Visit, Clif's specially created site for the project, to get started. You'll be asked to sign in either via Facebook or with a unique log-in, and then you can start creating your electronic postcard for the site. Upload a photo and then use the sites magnetic poetry feature to add text--or if you're a wordsmith, you can craft your own caption. Once you're satisfied with your creation you can submit it to the gallery to appear in the visual community. Really, it's simple. The hardest part is tracking down a worthy contest-winning image--that was my problem.

Need some ideas for your Moment? Check out the Moment Gallery, which is already gathering tons of action shots among its postcards, or watch the video montage of Clif athletes out and about pursuing their moments.

As for me, I either need to track down a good heli-skiing image that I can borrow for my adventure or peruse my photo albums for something scenic enough to exhibit my moment. And there's always Photoshop. A girl can dream, right?

What's your worthy moment? Come back here next week to share yours and you might be in for a surprise--I'm super excited about this one!

Photo provided by Clif Bar.

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