Monday, May 16, 2011

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 5/16

The running world was rocked yet again this year (Sally Meyerhoff's and Grete Waitz's deaths came first) with the news of Sammy Wanjiru's death last night or early this morning, depending on the time zone you're in. The only problem was that there wasn't much reported when the news first broke. Check out these links to fill in the missing pieces to the story and remember this fast marathoner who ran out too early:
  • I first read the news on Universal Sports last night, but now that same story has more details about the balcony-falling incident.
  • Runner's World's Racing News published even more details on the events that unfolded in Wanjiru's home.
  • also had news of the situation.
  • Amby Burfoot, Runner's World's editor-at-large, paid tribute to Wanjiru and recounted some of his marathon memories that you'd have to read to believe.
Want to share a story that you've read about Sammy Wanjiru? Share the link in the comments!

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