Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Social Media and Sport Collide

Need to run but can't motivate yourself to get out the door and go alone? Want to meet a few runners, maybe even potential partners? Like the chance of winning cool prizes to keep you fueled and geared up for your next run--or have a lucky streak any time you enter a contest? Set the alarm early Saturday morning, beat the heat, lace up your shoes and finish your run before the Saturday line-up at Lollapalooza starts (sorry, but that's all the news here in Chicago this weekend).

But this isn't just any 7 a.m. run we're talking about. Not only is this a TweetUp run, but it's a training run for the Chicago area Team World Vision runners that will meet at North Avenue Beach and traverse the Lakefront. And to make things even better, runner Josh Cox will be in attendance, bringing giveaways from K-Swiss and PowerBar, two of his sponsors. It's safe to say that Josh likes hanging with Team World Vision when he's in town--that's where I first met him back in April and when we met again, he mentioned a TWV buddy was racing Steelhead just as I was last Saturday--and for good reason. Josh was part of the Team World Vision contingent that ran South Africa's Comrades Marathon in May. Now rather than bust out another long run on the Lakefront alone--Josh logged marathon-distance and longer runs when he trained for the 56-mile race--he'd prefer to share his miles with the rest of Chicago. It gets boring running alone anyway, right?

All paces and all distances are welcome to attend the TweetUp--the more the merrier. Just think: then your run will be done for the day.

Follow Josh on Twitter or like him on Facebook for more details, especially as they unfold in the morning. Or if you're like me and have to miss the run--I'll be on my way to Madison for a long bike ride--check out the tweets and flip through the September issue of Runner's World for some Cox candy. Photo grabbed from TweetUp.


  1. Great idea, I think social media esp Twitter is great for organising events for like-minded sports people, we're currently organising a Tweet-up for all the Brighton cyclists in the UK

  2. I'd love to hear about the cyclists Tweet-up! We'll have to thank Josh Cox for organizing this one--I'll post a link to some pictures as it looked like a good crowd came out.

    Thanks for reading! --kate



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