Friday, August 27, 2010

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 8/27

It's easy for me to say I spent way too much time online reading stories, websites and news feeds. But it's all for good reason...either I'm picking up tips for training, stirring ideas for articles or catching up with the world. And lately I've been finding way too many likable links through Facebook. Yes, it's true. That little page suggestion box does actually provide some good do my friends. Here's what I'm digging today:
  • Runners, check out the latest installment on Master the Shift. I'm officially obsessed with Josh Cox's playlist, and know how desperately I need it for some inspiration to update my own.
  • With that said, the cycling section is just as awesome this week. Learn how to fix a flat with a little help from Lance Armstrong. Doesn't get any better than Mr. Cycling himself.
  • I'm still coming to grips with the ski season being right around the corner--I wish I could get the best of both worlds with perpetual summer and winter when I want it. I'm a sucker for vintage videos, especially skiing ones like this one from Keystone. Rumor has it that some ski areas might see snow this weekend...not enough for skiing but enough to get hopeful for the season ahead.
  • Not that you necessarily want to keep tabs on what I'll be doing this weekend, but here's one darn cool event that will keep me busy on Saturday. And it's along Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline.
Have a link that you'd like to share? Post it in the comments below. I love sharing news!

Update as of Aug. 31: Josh Cox's playlist and Lance's fix a flat from Master the Shift were posted on August 26. If your Facebook acts as oddly as mine does, you'll have to click the above links, then scroll down to read the articles. Be sure to act fast, the content could disappear in the next week or so.

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