Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fit-Pic: Paving the Way to Ironman Wisconsin

What triathlete doesn't like smooth pavement to ride? Unless you're an Xterra off-road triathlete, I think I can safely say not many. And this triathlete (me) writing this post was definitely in for a surprise come Saturday morning. I wasn't alone. Anyone who went out to ride the Verona loop of the Ironman Wisconsin course was in for a surprise Saturday morning: The road was ripped up. And we're not talking just a few patches of loose gravel--that was later along the course--but we're talking about an entire road, Valley Road if my map skills are working correctly this morning, crunched into tiny rocks. Not tiny enough to ride over comfortably either, in my opinion. I started pedaling, taking it slow and steady, but after one too many rocks kicked up from the road and stuck to my fork, I decided I'd be better off walking. Front wheel locking up on a rickety ride? No, thank you. As it happened, I had to shake the rocks out twice after the mile-plus slog. Beware to anyone planning to ride the Ironman route, but hopefully it will be fixed before next weekend.

Let's just call this a literal interpretation of what I titled this post: paving the way to Ironman Wisconsin. At least we know the road should be smooth come September 12. But for all of us who were up in Madison to ride the course for a big-game training day, it was a little un-Earthing, especially when you learn that it was fine the day before. Doesn't WI DOT or the local road authority know that all the cyclists come out on weekends and Sunday night would be better for our schedules? Or at least give us a Road Closed sign and a detour without having to find it on our own.

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