Monday, August 30, 2010

Fit-Pic: Pro at the Port-A-Potty

Before I even post this picture, I have one thing I absolutely have to write: Matty Reed, I'm sorry. This is definitely not the way I hoped to snap a picture of you at Sunday's Chicago Triathlon, but it seemed to be my only option at the time between my inability to set up my camera as you were jogging toward the swim start and my reluctance to interrupt you with your race just minutes away. In no way is the intention of this photo to be utterly embarrassing, which it probably seems like it is. But of all the pros running down to the swim start who I saw as I walked north to retreive my gear, you were on the only one I recognized. 

So folks, here it is: the photo of Matty Reed that I will probably regret posting later. I guess the heat has a way of messing with my judgment calls. And my memory--I had a great caption planned but forgot Reed's comment about the hot toilet before I had even grabbed my gear. That's where you come in: Get creative, use your imagination, and click the comments section to share your caption creation.

Sorry Matty, I know this isn't the best backdrop for a pre-race photo. So here's one more to make up for it:

Shuffle to the swim start to defend my title.



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