Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fit-Q: What do you crave most after a workout?

Workout to eat, eat to workout. No matter how you cut it, look at those two activities like that and you can't help but set yourself up for disaster in one part of the cycle anyway. Splurge on a decadent dinner and you know you'll have to sweat it off later. Bust out a run or ride, and you can't reach for the food fast enough to refuel. The problem, though, is that sometimes it's not the right food to feed the tank--your cravings set in and instead of recovering with a glass of chocolate milk, you're reaching for the chocolate cake.

I know I'm guilty of it. Just look at the burrito I shoved into my mouth after riding 100 miles, or know that my post-ride pit stop is almost always Culvers (Dairy Queen and Kopps have stepped in on occasion). I'll eat all the bananas, watermelon, PB sandwiches and good-for-you snacks at the rest stops, but as the miles wind down, my food cravings kick up. If my body took a poll, ice cream would be crowned king of the cravings and salty taking a close second. Then there are the stragglers that creep into my craving brain--chocolate milk, nachos, Jamba Juice, beef jerky (my friend started that one after we looked like salt sticks after 100 miles), burger and fries. But surely, I'm not the only one yearning for these normally nutritional no-nos. Tell us what you're itching for after your tough training sessions.

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