Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Pedaling: A Cool Christmas Ride

To the cyclist who decked out his pedi-cab in full-on holiday decor: You are awesome. The picture to the left doesn't do his transportation justice (it's my fault for leaving my camera memory card at home, leaving me to quickly catch him pedaling by...with my iPhone). And it certainly doesn't caption the full-on Christmas vibe when you see it pedaling toward you.

The bike: It glowed with Christmas lights woven through the spokes and around its basket, which had some greenery--garland or wreath, I didn't get a good look--on it.
The cyclist: Talk about the playing the part. Was this guy really supposed to be shuttling Chicagoans to and from Zoo Lights or did he belong on the stage at the Goodman Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol? His top hat and overcoat looked like they walked off a page of the Charles Dickens classic--or maybe I was staring at Ebenezer Scrooge...before he saw his past, present and future in his nightgown.
The passengers: As Christmas carols boomed from a stereo on the bike, its passengers rang bells to match the tunes.

While I'd prefer to walk from the Lincoln Park Zoo entrance to my next destination--whether it be my car, however far away it was parked, or a nearby restaurant--I'd suck up the calories to ride in that festive transport. It's too amazing not to, and it'd be my escape route from a crowded zoo scene (if you don't have kids, don't go to Zoo Lights on a Friday night when it's not snowing and it's not frigid--it's total insanity). Anything to get into the holiday spirit?

Hey Chicago: have you gone to Zoo Lights and spotted this bike transport? Are we missing any of the holiday details? We're on a mission to find this pedi-cab again--and get a better picture.

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