Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fit-Pic: Take a Hike

What do you do when it's 60-plus degrees and sunny in December? The obvious answer: Get outside and take advantage of it. Even if that means hiking alone because your partner-in-fitness-crime has to work.

I wasn't the only one hiking today. With vistas like the above, can you blame me? The gym parking lot wasn't nearly as packed as it had been a week ago, but the open spaces' lots were nearly full. I think we all wanted to hike, bike, mountain bike, climb, bask in the sunlight, you name it. Hey, it beats burning calories indoors on the elliptical, unless there's a really good round holiday movies playing. But really, how many times can you watch Christmas VacationElf and Home Alone? I'd still take my frozen fingers, the thoughts I had on the Contemplative Trail (still trying to remember them though), and the outdoor exploration.

How were you active today?

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