Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fit-Pic: The Jolliest of the Jingle Bell Runners

I'm not into running in costume. I have a hard enough time choosing a basic outfit especially when I'm running in colder weather. But I have to hand it to these two Jingle Bell Run participants who got into the holiday spirit.

Many of us were buried under windbreakers and rain gear, yet not them. Same goes for the guys wearing their fleece one-piece jammies. If I had been handing out candy canes to the top finishers, they would have taken them all.

And can I just say I really want her socks? Nothing against the striped ones I wore a few weeks ago at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Run (and because of warm weather and lack of ugly Christmas sweater, the extent of my holiday attire), but the faux fur cuffs make these better. Time to make a Target run--the guy in front of me at gear check said that's where he got his.

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