Monday, October 8, 2012

Must Watch BTN TV

Watching TV is sounding mighty good right now. I'm recovering from the last month's worth of races. I'm not into most of the Monday night programming (OK, you caught me, I do kinda want to see the Real Housewives of NYC reunion). And I'm on a mission to sit still tonight and not workout. That's easier said than done. Until this press release landed in my inbox (and I'm going to post it as is because I honestly haven't had the time to think up a creative way to share it):

BTN LiveBIG, the award-winning and inspirational program hosted by Dhani Jones, will feature Chicago rower Jenn Gibbons, a former member of the MSU women’s crew team, who set out to become the first person to row the perimeter of Lake Michigan this past summer. The episode will air at 7:30 PM ET Monday, October 8.

Viewers will accompany Gibbons on her journey to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research through the Recovery on Water (ROW) program she founded. Through cameras aboard Gibbons’ boat, BTN gives viewers an all-access pass as she sets sail on her voyage in June, overcomes all challenges, including a frightening sexual assault, and as she takes her final strokes paddling onto the Chicago shore in August. From great highs to the lowest of lows, the episode shows viewers how Gibbons overcame it all and achieved her goals.

 highlights ways the Big Ten community is making a difference by living and giving “big.” Fans can receive details on upcoming episodes and find out ways they can get involved with BTN LiveBIG causes by following @BTNLiveBIG on Twitter or by Liking BTN LiveBIG on Facebook. For more information, go to:

Perfect! Rowfit Chicago's Nell Shuttleworth told me about Gibbons' journey earlier in the year, and I briefly read about the sexual assault, but I never knew how the journey ended. Between the journey itself and getting to see footage from the boat, this sounds too good to miss. As much as I might love cheering for my alta mater on college football Saturdays, those games are nail-biters--too much for my enjoyment. 

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