Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gone Bananas

It might be one of the most expensive 5Ks out there—if you’ve never run it before—but it seems like it’s totally worth the $100 asking price. That’s because the Denver Gorilla Run could be one of the coolest three miles out there. Or maybe “most awesome” is the better way to phrase it, because it's doubtful that one could stay cool running in a gorilla suit, furry hair and all.

Wait, back up. What’s this about a gorilla suit? Sure, who hasn’t seen a runner dressed up in costume for a race, especially when the event falls around Halloween? I’ve seen the running Elvises or Elvi, the running Santas and the buck-naked, or close to it, runners—all running en masse around Chicago at various times of the year. But never have I seen a race where everyone—and I mean everyone, from kids to adults—running in the gorilla suits they received with their first-time registration or dug out of the closet from last year. It might be sweaty under all the fur, and it might be hard to see, but these gorilla runners aren’t monkeying around. They’re helping to raise funds for the Montain Gorilla Conservation Fund, which is an international charity that’s working hard to save the last of the world’s mountain gorillas.

Had I known about this event before today—it’s on Saturday, October 27—I would have planned to get myself to Denver this weekend. And then I might even be in the rankings to win the prize for the “Furthest Traveled Gorilla.” Funny thing is I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it, and I didn’t think there was much that could top this Where’s Waldo race, especially when it comes to running in costume.

If I wasn’t already signed up to run Pumpkins in the Park Saturday afternoon (yep, still need a costume for that one unless I pull the “I’m a runner” costume card), cheering on the alma mater and hanging out with visiting friends, I’d sign up right now. I know I could use a Halloween costume (I NEED to retire the cat and ladybug costumes I drag out again and again), even if that did mean one of my slowest 5K times on record—I doubt my ability to run fast wearing a gorilla exterior. But hey, there’s always next year.

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