Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fit-Pic: Pumpkins in the Park

Since when did Pumpkins in the Park welcome so many costumed runners? Since the 5K became the Chicago race to run for Halloween, which was this year. I seriously think I could stare at costumed runners all day--I'm still thawing out from this early evening event, a result of wearing too little clothing on too cold of a day and staying outside for too long with too few layers.

 These runners are far more daring--especially those who wear costumes that don't look conducive to running--and more creative than I. If you weren't wearing a costume, face paint or some Halloween colors, you were in the minority. Who'd think to cross dress like the couple above? Or wear a cloak that looked like it belonged to a Japanese emperor (I don't have pictures of that one but I literally followed that costumed runner the entire race)? Or how about the the hunter and his sheep (at least I think that's what he was supposed to be), above at right?

So much for my excuse that you can't run fast in a costume. Minnie Mouse proved me wrong--she, Melissa Hardesty, was the second fastest female of the day. And if memory serves me correct, the female winner, Pam Staton, also ran clad in costume. Guess I should have whipped out the ladybug wings...maybe I would have flown across the finish line a little faster.



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