Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Rule for a Yoga Studio?

L is for locker and losing clothing, kind of.
After attending a yoga class this morning, I think I have a suggestion for another rule to add to the list of guidelines posted around the studio to make it a pleasurable environment for all. Adjust your clothing BEFORE taking to your mat and entering the studio space--even if it means slipping in late.

I've seen some strange things in my two-plus years of regular yoga practice. Passing wind, oh-so-embarrassing for the tooter. Low-cut tank tops that reveal a little too much cleavage. Shorts that look like underwear. Shirtless guys who should maybe reconsider flashing their man boobs. People who don't heed the request to leave gear in the locker room and shoes at the front. Cell phones on the studio floor and texting during class (seriously, didn't you go to yoga to either get a workout or escape life's stresses?).

I didn't think my yoga pet peeves could get much worse...until this morning. Talk about strange happenings--and I doubt it was accentuated by standing in downward facing dog. A fellow yogi not only entered class after we had already progressed from child's pose to table top to a series of cat cows, but she stripped off more clothing than just a sweatshirt before starting her practice. So it might not be the fully monty by any stretch of the imagination, but you can't help but wonder what the heck is going on when you watch a change-and-adjust maneuver that reminded me way too much of the deck changes swimmers did at the end of swim meets. Tank top straps stretched under the underarms, some wiggling and pulling, a pink flash resembling a sports bra landed on the floor, chest readjusted to get the girls into place. 

Really? I'm not uncomfortable around these types of actions in a locker room--you kind of can't be when you've had to walk past 80-year-old women taking showers on your way to the YMCA pool deck. I wasn't trying to look, but this sight was directly in my line of vision while upside down and looking straight back. Stealthy she may have been, to pull out the pink hiding underneath the black was one crazy feat, but this gym diva found it disturbing, even inappropriate, during class. Um, locker room? Is it so wrong to stand there stretching out my tights calves and ask, "What in the world?"

Photo grabbed from midiman at flickr.

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