Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Biggest Loser's Excuse-Ridden Annoyances

Is it just me or is this season's cast of The Biggest Loser more annoying than inspirational? I've never heard so many whines, excuses, behind-the-back talk or mean comments in all the seasons I've tuned into the hit weight loss show. For a show that's supposed to celebrate weight loss and taking that leap toward a healthy lifestyle once and for all, it seems lost amid a bunch of BS, for lack of a better word and all too appropriate, and petty arguing during week 5's episode.

Usually by week 5, I've identified at least one favorite, that one person who I want to take it all the way to the finale. Tara, one of the Curlee sisters, Antone. But this season, I have yet to find that person. Instead I find myself plugging my ears, or pushing the mute button, in hopes that I can drown out the contestant complaints. Here's what's irking me the wrong way:

  • Maybe Conda would shut up if she knew Adrian's story. The poor guy lost a child--it brought tears to both him and Dolvett--and weighed even more before arriving on the ranch, the first time.
  • And maybe if she talked less she would have lost more weight. Even she admitted it, though she blamed her two-pound lost on being distracted by what she instigated with Adrian.
  • Kim is just as bad being so doubtful on Adrian's at-home workouts. If he truly was walking as many miles as he said, they really could take him all day. My roommates nearly sent out a search party for me when I ran from Evanston to downtown Chicago and opted to walk home instead of hopping on the El (it was the first nice day after a brutal winter and I was enjoying every minute outdoors).
  • Let's backtrack to week 4 for a second. I know that it's the season of No Excuses, but Gail had too many of them. Give it up already and get off the ranch.
  • The Black Team backlashes against Daphne. Talk about not having any mercy for people who have to adjust to the new environment on the ranch. 
  • They proved why they belong on The Biggest Loser for their unhealthy habits. Their comments about the weight that Adrian and Daphne didn't lose proves that they don't understand everything about weight loss. Put someone in an environment they're not accustomed to, raise their stress levels by talking smack, and they're going to be thrown off their game.
  • I almost liked Mark...until he accused Adrian of playing the game. Seriously, you try living in a new spot and adjusting to a new routine and see how well you lose weight. Not that I'm a good example, but I raid my refrigerator when I return from out of town (it should be empty but it never is) and lose whatever healthy habits I picked up while hiking, skiing or cycling, gaining back those love handles.
Does anyone else out there find this season, the season of No Excuses, and its cast of characters to be extremely annoying? 

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