Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mark that Race Date: Chicago 2012

Elites run Chicago on 10-10-10.
You came. You ran. You crossed the finish line at the 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Now that the blisters, aches and sores--plus we can't forget jubilation, excitement, joy, insert-happy-emotion-here for accomplishing your goal--have subsided, you're starting to think you're not one-and-done with marathoning and that running Chicago 2012 might not be such a bad, or crazy, idea.

You came. You watched. You cheered. You handed out water to the runners rushing by. You got the itch, the motivation, to run Chicago's 26.2-miler next year. Forget being on the sidelines, you want to inspire the next batch of marathon wannabes.

But inquiring minds want to know: When is the 2012 race date for the Chicago Marathon? It's a question that's been stirring in our brains since before we even toed the 2011 start line or picked our perch along the city's streets. And now the organizers behind this 45,000-runner race are ready to tell us.

Drumroll, please. Get ready to run Chicago for the first time, the second time or the umpteenth time on Sunday, October 7, 2012. That's right, the race is sticking with an event date that coincides with Columbus Day Weekend, perfect for all those who get a day off from work on Columbus Day to make it a long weekend in the Windy City or a recovery day for us locals without missing a step at the office. As for the weather, we'll just have to wait for Mother Nature on that one. This year's October 7 wasn't cool by any stretch of the imagination (I sweat my day down and back from McCormick Place to pick up my packet), but maybe, just maybe, the first Sunday of the month, which as of late has actually displayed signs of fall, will be a cooler one. We'll see, just don't let a little weather keep you from adding this marathon to the calendar.

Who's thinking about running Chicago 2012 and owning it? I know I am...once you run 12 in a row, it's hard to tell yourself to stop.

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