Monday, October 24, 2011

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Surfing 10/24

Long weekend away from the computer? That's my excuse for some intense screen time this Monday. I know I should be pounding away at the emails in my inbox (sorry, people who I owe a reply) or writing up a storm (ahem, race reports that are long overdue), but instead what am I doing? Reading and tiring my eyes at the sight on online text. But hey, at least it's informative and/or insightful. Right?
  • Here's the skinny on a new company making yoga tees from sustainable materials from Cool factor: this might just be my one and only chance--beside the Motor City Triathlon and the Detroit Marathon--where I show a little Detroit pride. The founder hails from the "Mitten" and took over my editing duties at our high school's newspaper (if memory serves me correct) when I graduated.
  • It almost wouldn't be a feed without something on one of our faves, Kara Goucher. And no, it's not the news bit that shocked me: leaving coach Alberto Salazar. It's Goucher's explanation for why she left Alberto Salazar and the Oregon Project.
  • Remember Amber Miller and the controversy she caused? I may have offered up my never-been-pregnant perspective, but KatieRunsThis has an even better one as "a runner...who happens to be pregnant." Here here to baby bling, too! 
  • Running with #FFCheer made me even more of a believer of Fleet Feet's motto that "running changes everything." But this runner's story is beyond impressive--if you have an adjective to describe it, definitely share it in the comments.
  • A cold, rainy spell last week reminded me that winter is all too close--I even pulled out the heavier jacket and sweaters. Before hibernation sets in, this Chicago running program might keep you on your feet through the colder temperatures.
  • Speaking of winter, winning a contest like this trip to Vail--and a VIP experience with the U.S. Ski Team--would make the Chicago cold a little more bearable.
  • I know we're not supposed to buy shoes simply because they look cool, at least when it comes to those we run in, but I'm too intrigued by the new adidas adipure Trainer to simply ignore it.
  • Are you really as healthy as you can be when it comes to sport? After reading Gordo Byrn's list at Endurance Corner, I know I have some swaps to work on in the off-season.
  • Run a marathon this month? Maybe your post-race recovery sounds a little like this "run if you want to" plan.
What articles and sites have caught your eye today?

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