Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marathoners Own Chicago

You've put in the training. You've logged the miles. You've caught yourself ogling marathon gear more often than you should be on your computer. You've been dreaming of this weekend since you registered for the 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon in February. In other words, you're ready to own this race, own Chicago.

And Nike wants you to do just that. Except the company known for its running shoes, gear, accessories and Chicago Marathon sponsorship doesn't expect it to happen through sporting official marathon gear. Even though wearing a Run Like El shirt is one of the easiest ways to accomplish owning Chicago, Nike has you beat with an even easier option. You don't even have to leave your computer to do it--or better yet your smartphone.

Who's not going to be tweeting about arriving at the Chicago Marathon expo, picking up your packet, eating your pre-race meal? (Silence.) So when you're sharing with your friends, family and tweeps, be sure to add a little tagline, #ownchicago, at the end in addition to your usual #cm11 or #runnerds or whatever else you've come up with. Why? Becuase when you #ownchicago you're showing "pride in the city, pride in sport moments like the marathon, pride in setting a goal and smashing it." But what's even cooler than honoring the runners, including perhaps yourself, who have trained for months for this race--at least if you're looking for your 15 seconds of fame--is that when you use #ownchicago this weekend, you'll find your avatar in a mosaic on the Nike Running Facebook page and at Niketown Chicago. As if you needed more reason to go to Niketown--hello marathon gear and Monday medal engraving--but I know I'd shuffle my way over if it meant I could see more than my name on a wall (still that's just as cool).

Are you ready to own Chicago? The near 80-degree weather isn't helping since I'd rather be riding than resting but yeah, I'll #ownchicago. The course video (see above) helps to motivate.

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