Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fit-Pic: Indian Summer

It's hard not to complain about 80 degrees and sunny in Chicago--in October, no less. But when the nicest week you've seen in a month falls during the rest period before the Chicago Marathon, it's really hard to resist resting indoors. You know the feeling? I wanted to be one of those dots laying in the sand, or running along my favorite path, or riding my bike since the crowds finally thinned out along the lake (yes, it does take a marathon only hours away to do that), or even swimming one final time in Lake Michigan (waters were calm, a jet-skier was out and at last check the water temperature was still in the 50s).

But instead, I--along with 44,999 other runners--found myself here at McCormick Place, site of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon's Health and Fitness Expo. That marathon that started to seem real nearly two weeks ago? It just got more tangible. To be expected when you cash in your confirmation ticket for your bib number. Too bad, it also signals to me that a beach nap would not be a good idea--it'd zap my energy that I'm already low on (lack of sleep) but frantically trying to store for Sunday. Am I right?

Please tell me yes and that I can wait until Monday's recovery day to get my beach time. It'll make the heat wave--and potential suffer-fest at the marathon--more worth it. Don't you think?

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