Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fit-Pic: No Running Outside

Chicago's 2011 blizzard sent people packing for home midday. It canceled classes--yoga, fitness, universities--and even the Chicago Public Schools, which NEVER close. It stranded passengers on trains and buses for far longer than usual, and it shut down Lake Shore Drive. Yes, that's right, it was an absolute parking lot, there's a slightly blurry photo below to prove it. But my favorite sighting from the night was the sign telling me that I wouldn't be able to run, walk or trek on the Lakefront Path. Unless it's the weekend of the Air and Water Show, when you don't want to run through the hordes, does a foot path ever close? Even the gym was open normal complaints there, since I skipped my Monday workout and hoped to make up on Tuesday, snow and all. What crazy--or not so crazy--activity did you do during this snowstorm?

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