Monday, January 31, 2011

Fit-Q: Is Chicago Really Going to Get a Blizzard?

I should be happy that the snowstorms have skipped Chicago this winter. While the powder dumps have found Atlanta, New England, New York City, D.C., Colorado and Utah, I have yet to witness a storm that shuts down the city. I take that back--I have yet to witness a storm that garners enough snow for me to break out my snowshoes. Even the snowfall the night of the Lunar Run wasn't enough.

But this time the snow is supposedly coming. Round one is expected tonight, then round two--the larger one--is predicted for tomorrow night, and we're supposed to wake up Wednesday to a white winter wonderland. The talk around town is that Chicago's going to get one its biggest snowfalls ever! But I'm ever the pessimist and thinking that this 3-inches-per-hour really isn't going to happen.

So here's the deal. Guess how many inches of snow the Windy City will actually get with the survey below or in the comments section. And if Chicago really does wake up Wednesday to an epic snowfall, how are you going to spend your snow day?

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