Monday, January 31, 2011

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 1/31

I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that I'm back to the grind this Monday. I crossed off items from the weekend checklist, got in my workouts even though it took a little kicking and screaming to get it done on Sunday, and caught up with friends--something that commonly falls through simply because we've both run out of time. But my computer was on the fritz--AGAIN!--and I'm praying it behaves this week, my internet connection randomly went out too many times to count, and instead of feeling fresh for the week I'm already dragging. While I haven't found the secret to perking up my energy stores, my eyes did perk up to a few bits I found online during this morning's random browsing session. Check it:
  • If you're eating lunch at your desk today, head over to Be Present's website to save on some shopping. From 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. mountain time, shoppers can save 20 percent on their orders just by entering the code lunchsalebp.
  • You'll find Lindsey Vonn on the cover of FITNESS magazine's February issue, but The Ski Channel shares some of that interview here. Don't discount picking up the magazine either--Vonn lists her favorite flat belly tips and more.
  • Aw...looks like Ryan and Sara Hall are both running victory laps after impressive finishes at their races this weekend. Go Team Hall! Ryan finished second in the Houston Marathon, while Sara won the 1500m at the Millrose Games.
  • Looks like a storm is a-brewin' in the Midwest. Weather predictions are calling for Chicago-style snowpocalypse, which means I finally might be able to drag my snowshoes out of the closet for the season.
  • Just in case Chicago really is blanketed in snow Wednesday morning, why not get in your run tonight at Universal Sole's Puma FAAS Predictor Run?
  • Or if your running technique's not up to par, grab one of the few spots left for Thursday's Good Form running clinic at Fleet Feet Sports Chicago. It'll change the way you run--even if you've gained all the speed you're going to get and harnessed a technique that works for you.
What news or links caught your eye today?

Photo grabbed from Paolo Signorini at flickr.

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