Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fit-Pic: Hey Hey, Powder Day

What a difference a year makes. Last winter, Vail was begging for snow. When I visited in late February, the locals said we couldn't have timed our trip better because the skies finally poured much-needed white powder onto the mountains. Now skiers are practically wading in the freshies. Bruce Ruff enjoyed a blue sky powder day at Vail Mountain, making fresh tracks after the recent 10-inch snowfall

Here's my question: What run do you think Ruff is skiing? While it's definitely not easy to tell--and I honestly don't know the answer--the trees in the background coupled with the slope could be a giveaway to those who ski Vail regularly. I keep thinking I've seen those trees before, except I can't pinpoint where on a mountain that has 5,289 acres to ski. My suggestion: Faro or Ouzo that spill into the Game Creek Bowl. Challenge it!

Photo courtesy of Vail Resorts and taken by Jack Affleck.

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