Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Forecasts to Fitness

Hey, Chicago! If there's one thing Amy Freeze is known for in the Windy City it's predicting the weather. From marathon to game-day forecasts, you'll find Freeze on FOX TV (for now, if you caught this story in Jan. 28's Sun Times), showcasing her skills as the Chicago station's Chief Meteorologist. But this Saturday at Fleet Feet Sports' Piper's Alley location, Freeze puts the forecasting aside to focus on fitness nitty-gritty. Freeze and her trainer John Hall will be motivating others as they share their fitness stories and the journeys taken through fitness.

Whether you need some motivation to get active this winter or you have yet to jump-start those New Year's fitness resolutions, prepare to learn, listen and work out at this free seminar that gets underway at Fleet Feet, 1620 N. Wells, at 10 a.m. After hearing a few of Freeze's accomplishments--running a relay from Madison to Chicago, climbing to the top of the Sears Tower and John Hancock Center, paddling the Shoreline Marathon, to name a few--all while juggling demanding jobs as weather woman, mom of four and wife, you'd be hard-pressed to return home and sit on the couch all day. Add in dynamic stretches, ways to work out in the winter and tips to build a strong core courtesy of Hall, who recently helped Freeze shape up through diet and exercise (if you thought she was fit before, she's even more fit now!), and you're set with an arsenal of fit tips to take 2011 by storm. 

For more details and to RSVP, check out or call 312-587-3338.

Photo courtesy of Amy Freeze and FOX Chicago. Note: this was updated Jan. 28 and 30.


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