Monday, February 28, 2011

Your New Facebook Friend

I don't know if I should be readily admitting this, but here's my latest confession. I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Whether that should be viewed as good or bad, I'll leave it up to you. But sometimes rewarding opportunities come from the site--like when I read the helpful and educational information at Master the Shift. And now here's my latest, one I have to say I'm happy, thrilled even, that I stumbled upon. It's the Nike Women business site, also known as the Nike Training Club, that you need to friend immediately. If you were fueled by the latest Nike commercial, the Throwdown Anthem, you'll get the same energy here. Here's why:
  • Contrary to its name, Nike Women isn't strictly by women, for women. It might look like it from the title, the correlating photo that shows a fit female glistening through a gut-busting plank, and the My Obsession items pulled from the female fashion line. But anyone can use the tips and videos at the Get Fit tab, anyone can download the weekly music downloads, anyone can add the corresponding app to their iPhone (provided it's been updated to the iPhone 4 software as I learned earlier today), anyone can follow the adventures of the Nike Field Reporter.
  • How can you resist weekly free downloads for workout mixes? Whether you want the whole set or only a sampling, you can test the tunes before you save them to your playlist arsenal. And you'll have a healthy library of new songs to choose from for your next workout from energetic to mellow to motivating.
  • Find a workout that fits your target zone. You won't need a gym or personal trainer to get fit if you check out what's available with the Nike Training Club, which puts a-list trainers in the palm of your hand or on screen. I was already digging the froggers and double snap kicks.
See for yourself...maybe you'll find it to be your new obsession much like the leggings, training capris and hoodies have been Nike's.

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