Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boot Camp Day 6: Prized Possession

You'd think that an extra half hour of sleep would be a good thing. It was, but it wasn't enough. I was ready to roll over in bed, ignore the obnoxious ring on my phone--the only sound loud enough to wake me up--and spend my morning sleeping longer than usual. Sound familiar?

But you know that feel-good sensation you get after you worked out, especially on those mornings where it's especially tough? I had one of those--again--except today I didn't just give myself an imaginary pat on the back for my efforts. I lucked out and was actually rewarded. With a YogiToes. A bright orange one. Something I've coveted for a year, since my sister showed me hers, told me its purpose and bragged about her ebay-shopping deal.

That's one way to make it worthwhile to work out even when your muscles hurt, you could have used at least 3 more snoozes on the alarm and you're still feeling the effects from Friday's circuit. The results that you start to see only six days into the boot camp program are the other reasons--and those are even better than receiving a reward.

Like the boot camp challenge. On Monday, we warmed up by counting the number of push-ups, sit-ups and jumps over a block we could do in a minute. Today the challenge was back. Let the groaning and grunting start now. If you thought a minute's worth of push-ups was hard on the first day when you're out of shape and lacking arm strength (that's why you signed up for BootCamp isn't it?), it's even more difficult when your arms, chest and legs have been put through a battery of weight-bearing exercises for five days. But if you improve--and most, if not all of us did--then you've succeeded.

Like the muscle definition. Here's another recurrence back to day one where we were measured like those kids who go to fat camp or the Heavy cast to count the number of inches lost around our middles, waists, and flexed arms and legs. It's a little intimidating, even the second time through, and you can only hope that what you notice in the mirror--like a flatter tummy, more quad and a tricep that doesn't go into hiding--is being reflected in those numbers.

Like the healthy eating. We've been encouraged to eat clean, nutrient rich, unprocessed foods all week. We've been urged to skip the late-night dining. But it takes a while for that to sink in, the adjustment period, and you finally start to hit your stride when week one comes to a close. You're not craving that dessert, or only noshing on a banana to start your day, or nibbling on something up until the minute you hit the bed.

Like the ease that's starting to come with the workouts. Those 10 circuits are no longer as dreadful as they once seemed at the start of the week. You're curious to see what the different stations entail. And more often than not, you're relieved to see a familiar exercise--heel clicks--or notice that one you dreaded--jump rope--didn't make an appearance.

Like the soreness that signals your muscles making changes. Ouch, ouch, ouch. With no weights at the stations, I thought it might be easy. But moving your body weight, in the ways we did, was tough stuff. My inner thighs burned for the rest of the day. My abs and obliques throbbed from the boat row.

One thing I learned today? The traveling mule jumps (think hind legs of a bucking bronco and that's what we're recreating) affirmed why I quit gymnastics as a kid. Inversion plus Kate equals bad idea. At least we get brownie points for trying, no matter how ugly it looks.

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