Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Boot Camp Day 3: Hump Day

Either boot camp is getting easier or I'm starting to get the hang of this morning workout routine. Choice No. 1 is out of the question, considering I'm still sore from the first days and felt different muscles kicking into action today which I'll feel tomorrow. And considering I had three coaches yelling in my face at various times during the workout. Go faster. Move your legs. Tuck your tailbone under. Hips up. Butt down.

Choice No. 2 it is. Easier to get out bed. Easier to put an outfit together. Easier--and faster--to walk to the studio. Easier to survive the workout--or more used to it. Easier to focus while plugging away on my computer. And I shouldn't admit it, but easier to sneak into the bedroom for a refreshing nap.

Ah but the workout. And the 10 circuits that have varied with the exception of the jump rope (yep, it's still there to torment me). These are challenging even when you don't have to rapid-fire your legs (yesterday's bent-knee leg lifts while standing on a platform) or jump quickly from side to side (Monday's skater jumps). What seems like a relatively calm hour is secretly firing those muscles to produce results that brought you to boot camp in the first place. And when the cardio components--football runs standing atop a Bosu, the jump rope, the jumping lunges where you switch from leg to leg--aren't lumped together, it feels easier on my system. Sure, I still struggle with the stability ball when I have to crunch my legs in, and my sore arms are screaming even more during the wide-arm push-ups, but I'm actually enjoying the curtsy lunges and pulling my elbows up with the resistance band. Seriously.

According to my coach Amy, Wednesday seems to be the day everything clicks--she felt it too (many of the coaches are BootCamp alums and they trained like us the week before). And with the exception of a few work conflicts, our group was still intact.

But the hardest part? Attending a regular yoga class later in the day. I'm zero for three. Zero for five if I count skipping Saturday and Sunday before camp started, too. I keep repeating I'll do it tomorrow. We'll see...

Photo grabbed from Kenny Holston 21 at flickr.


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  2. Hi weight!

    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Boot camp was a lot of fun and really good exercise.




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