Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fit-Pic: Ran for Chocolate

I almost thought that I wasn't going to run for chocolate this morning. Trust me, Friday afternoon I started formulating a "Will Not Run for Chocolate" entry on my empty-handed bike ride back from Soldier Field. Sleeping sounded a lot better than running the Hot Chocolate 5K--and so did staying warm in my bed. It was cold, it was early, it was still dark--even with daylight savings--when my alarm went off. Based on the map I stared at last night,  it looked like the start area was going to be a nightmare; street closures on my usual routes to the Columbus Avenue start line, an alphabet full of start corrals, a gear check located on the south end of the staging area and me approaching from the north. And that's not even counting the packet pick-up debacle where I couldn't justify waiting in line for my packet longer than running the actual race (good thing the lines improved yesterday).

But like any runner, it's hard to pass up a race unless you really can't move the morning of (that already happened once this year, darn injury), you sleep through it (that also happened), or you go out of town and know you're going to forfeit the race (did that too). So I sucked it up, hustled to the start line, and ran. Besides, I couldn't justify eating chocolate at 7:30 a.m. unless I earned it. Now if only I could warm up--shivering under the covers is getting old.

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