Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fit-Pic: Is It Really November?

Can you name this stair climb? Consider these clues. It's been mentioned on Fit-Ink before. It's tougher to climb than the Hustle Up the Hancock and the Step Up for Kids to the top of the Aon Center (based on personal experience)--and I'm guessing it's harder than climbing to the top of the Willis Tower or all four of the Presidential Towers. Apolo Ohno knows it well--or so I've heard. And because it was warm and sunny today, I made my quads ache and my lungs burn as I scaled to the top. But can you blame me? It's November 29, which doesn't exactly spell T-shirt weather in most parts of the country, and yet it feels more like April 29. Now if only the days were growing longer instead of shorter...and there was snow, not the manmade variety, to ski in the mountains.

I guess I'll have to settle on this view from the top--and catch my breath.

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