Monday, November 26, 2012

Shop Me a Bargain: Cyber Monday Fitness Finds

Skip the bags, it's online shopping on Cyber Monday. Credit
First it was Black Friday. Then it was Small Business Saturday. Now it's Cyber Monday. Sick of shopping yet? Not me! So I hit the gym instead of the mall on Friday. And Thanksgiving put me more than 1,000 miles away from the stores that I would have shopped on Saturday. But come Monday, which is set to be online's largest shopping day of the year, I'm raring to go.

Give me a computer and an internet connection and I'm a happy camper. No lines. No crowds. No store hopping across town--or bundling up to deal with Chicago's cold. I can shop in my pajamas. I can have multiple "stores" open at once. I can shop before and after the retail shops close. And I can pray that the items I really don't want to pay full price for, putting an even larger dent in the wallet, are in stock and on sale.

Here's where we'll be shopping:

  • Amazon. Between the books, the gadgets and the gear, it's obvious that is a one-stop shop. But they really go all out for Cyber Monday. I have yet to find something that I want that isn't on sale--and I started shopping yesterday and had to tear myself away from buying the Garmin Forerunner 410 when it was 50 percent off.
  • Garmin. What runner doesn't love a gadget gift? I already have a 305 and a 310XT, but I've been eyeing Garmin's fÄ“nix for my husband, the 910XT for myself (it tracks all those pool laps, how awesome is that?), and the Forerunner 110 for my mom to prove that her gym workouts are a joke. Or maybe it was the Forerunner 10 for her walks? Regardless, these sales are only good until 11:59 p.m. CST tonight.
  • It might be a little picked over thanks to the Iron-athletes who grab these goods at the races--most of my visits to this store have turned up empty handed--but scour the site anyway for the 25 percent off deals. You could turn up some MDot gear you told yourself not to buy earlier in the year--or gift it to another triathlete.
  • Kiefer and Swim Outlet. My swimsuits are looking a little shabby--too much chlorine and wearing them day after day this summer--and my free race caps either get lost or glued together. Basically the only swim supplies I'm stocked up on are goggles, because I snapped a pair this summer and scrambled to get replacements. But enough of my justification for shopping these online swim retailers. They're both boasting major markdowns today on everything from backpacks and kickboards to swim caps and swimsuits.
  • Nike. If you're OK with not being a trend-setting runner and wearing last summer's fashions next summer, then you can save mega bucks in the clearance section of the Nike store. I found it by accident while shopping for replacement arm warmers (very bummed that one of my 2009 Chicago Marathon sleeves disappeared)--and my cart more than quadrupled because of it. Pegasus. Lunar Racers. Free+ 3. Not only are Nike shoes on sale, but so are sports bras, shorts, tops and tons of other items. And enter the code BLUERIBBON and those sale prices are knocked down another 25 percent. 
  • Old Navy. I'm a huge fan of cheap, er inexpensive, workout gear. And last year I got hooked on Old Navy's activewear collection. Not for running a marathon or spending hours on my bike, but for going to the gym or hitting up a yoga class. How can you pass up a 30 percent discount, by entering CYBER at checkout, and score capris for less than $20 and tops for less than $10? 
  • TRX. Want to score one of these suspension training systems so you can practice in the privacy of your garage instead of where everyone's watching at the gym? These trainers are 20 percent off when you enter TRXMAS at checkout. 
What Cyber Monday deals are you finding? Where are you shopping today? We'd love to hear them in the comments--and maybe do some shopping of our own.

Photo grabbed from I See Modern Britain at flickr.

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