Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fit-Pic: Maiden Voyage

Do you ever have those days where whatever you're trying to say just doesn't want to come out of your mouth the way you want to say it? Imagine that and you'll reach my current situation, but it's with words and not speech. So while I'm hoping to find my words on my run, I leave you with this picture.

These shoes are about to make their maiden voyage on the Lakefront Path. They're clean, they're shiny, they're springy, they're not tread upon. Their only downfall: They were already laced and too tight for my left foot's pleasure. But my lower half is liking them and I've only padded down the hallway. And the pain I've been feeling in my right leg--a result of the beating I've been giving my body as it gets used to running more than once a week? Gone.

Here's the hoping I can knock out the six miles I was dreading earlier and regain the words I've been desperately searching for all day. But in the meantime, can you name the shoes I'm running in, pictured above?

Shoes provided by Fleet Feet Chicago.

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