Saturday, May 12, 2012

Farmer's Market Fresh

When you don't live in a summer-all-the-time climate (hello, San Diego, Miami and Honolulu), you wait anxiously for this moment. The day when the local Farmer's Market opens for the season. For me, that day came today. Three blocks from home, the street shuts down, the tents go up and the produce, flowers, crepe truck (a new addition last year), and other edibles come out.

Not only does the market opening signal summer's arrival, but it also means less shopping at the grocery store, especially the produce section. Starting today, my fridge fills with the local market items, some of which I'd have a hard time finding elsewhere. It's at the market where I bought my first kohlrabi and tried my first tiny strawberry. It's at the market where I find rhubarb, corn and cabbage for less money. It's at the market where I'm inspired to get creative in the kitchen and experiment with the food finds.

I may have kept the shopping to a minimum today--I almost bought all of the items at left plus leeks and herbs, but only went home with asparagus--but I'm certainly excited for the weeks to come. My weekly menu only gets better from here and my mouth is already watering from what I didn't buy today. Is it wrong to get this overjoyed from a farmer's market? I hope not.

What do you love about your local farmer's market?

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