Friday, December 24, 2010

Fit-Pic: Snow, Ho, Ho

Think Santa can only be found at the North Pole prepping for the big Christmas delivery? Wrong. Santas are in full-force this time of year. At the mall, ringing bells on the street corner, at the holiday party--the obvious spots that this mind could name. Then there are the not-so-mundane, as this video illustrates. Santa knows how to shred--and shred well--at Keystone's A-51 terrain park. I couldn't resist...I've heard of Santa on the bike and Santa on the run and Santa on skis (even those who could ski free at The Canyons on December 18), but the snowboarding was a new one.

Any unusual spots you've seen Santa that don't require the Norad tracker that goes into full force on Christmas Eve?

Video courtesy of Keystone Resort at youtube.

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