Thursday, December 23, 2010

David Barton Wants You...

David Barton wants you to sweat. David Barton wants you to burn calories. David Barton wants you to enjoy guilt-free holiday eating--or at least try. David Barton wants you to get Carved at Thanksgiving and Trim at Christmas. But who is this David Barton and what doesn't he want you to do this holiday? David Barton is a body-building entrepreneur, in short, who's the namesake behind DavidBartonGym. And he doesn't want you to pack on the pounds over the holidays, especially tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

"How so?" you ask. DavidBartonGym locations in Chicago, South Beach, Seattle and New York's Astor Place and 23rd & Seventh are opening their doors to anyone looking for a workout on December 24 between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. (according to the Facebook invite, anyway). Not a bad deal for anyone who happens to be in these locales without a gym membership or spot to workout while visiting family or friends--perfect, actually, since some fitness center guest fees can run upwards of $20 per day. Or if you're a local, this freebie offers an ideal chance to no-holds-barred check out the gym, change up the usual routine and try something new.

But you don't have to only hit up the cardio machines upon your visit. DavidBartonGym is practically begging you, in a good way, to check out TRIM, a new, intense 60-minute class. Developed by David Barton, this hour-long weight training class is designed to target all the muscle groups and guarantees  to prevent post-dinner or holiday party weight gain. Bonus for a day often filled with eggnog, Christmas cookies and nibbles at every turn. The magic formula: Start indulging within two hours of working out to maximize your metabolism. Your workout will help bring your body to a hormonal state that prevents you from storing fat and gaining pounds.

For more information and to register for the free 12 p.m. class, check out Your body will thank you for it come December 26. Or if you can't make it this time, give yourself a jump-start on those New Year's Resolutions with another round of freebies on New Year's Eve.

Photo grabbed from DavidBartonGym.

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