Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guess Where I'm Going, The Reveal

One thousand miles. Less than 16 hours, closer to 14 actually, behind the wheel. A bike and enough gear to survive the coldest and warmest of conditions. A wetsuit, two pairs of running shoes and a bag full of random triathlon accessories. Leaving the flatlands for some Rocky Mountain Highs. Yes, I'm in Colorado, but this isn't the typical Colorado trip that sends tourists to Rocky Mountain National Park (although I have done that before). I'm not packing a tent nor am I attending a triathlon (that was last weekend). And I'm not sitting around a campfire, sharing ghost stories and roasting marshmallows. I will be camping but it's not camping in the traditional sense--the kind of camp you'd ship off to for entire summers as a kid, or day camp to keep you occupied when school wasn't in session. We're talking a full-on week all about triathlon at Endurance Corner's Boulder Camp.

Immersed in sport and surrounded by athletes of all ages and abilities, it's a camp scenario I haven't seen since I was 14 or 15 when I attended swim camp for a one-up on the high school season around the corner. But yes, adults go to camp too--just take the Chris Carmichael camp I passed up to attend this one--just that these camps are more elective than the kiddie ones. Just that this time around we're all motivated and excited to be at camp because we chose to attend. Take that, Mom.

As for what I'm expecting, I really can't say beyond the plan to be active for the six days that I'm there. There's an undisclosed number of guests that won't be revealed until the evening's kick-off dinner. And we didn't learn until yesterday the specifics on the activities that would be filling our days. But would you really want to pass up this camp even if you only read the initial description and itinerary?

  • Sunday – Arrival, camp overview talk and welcome dinner
  • Monday – Metric or Imperial Century in the local mountains
  • Tuesday – Open Water Session with Brick to Follow 
  • Wednesday – Practical Skills Sessions (all sports) and Transitions
  • Thursday – Aquathon followed by shorter ride option
  • Friday – Mt. Evans (we will get you high in the Rockies!)
  • Saturday – The Classic Boulder Big Day (swim, bike and run)
  • Sunday – Depart
It's too hard to pass up, right? Plus factor in the price --$875--and the inside information that last year's campers dined at Dave Scott's house one evening, and you'd probably be on the next plane, train or automobile out to Boulder. A week to be well spent, at least in my book. And only further solidified by learning last night that I'd be in the company of Chrissie Wellington, Craig Alexander, Matty Reed, and Greg and Laura Bennett, plus famed coach and running expert, Bobby McGee. It's a ton of activity for a week, but that's just how we roll--we'll be altitude trained (at least a pinch), mountain climbed, run down and tri focused by the end. And gaining knowledge and tips from a great assembly of professionals that many wait a year to meet one from the above arsenal.

First up, Chrissie Wellington, a three-time Ironman World Champion, who makes triathlon look easy with a grin practically tattooed to her face during the Ironman. Then mountain riding tomorrow--or at least what I'll consider mountain since it's so flat at home.


  1. Kate, this is soooo exciting! I hope you... enjoy it?

  2. Ok, now I see that this post was dated June 20. Hahaha, haven't kept up with the blog for awhile.

  3. Hey there! No worries, I'm behind in posting, obviously. Trip was a blast, stories to come super soon. It's no fun coming back to reality. Too much other work!



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