Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess Where I'm Going, Hint 2

I'm not quite sure why I'm into this guessing game for my latest adventure but I think part of it stems from my excitement, and trepidation for what's about to unfold. Trepidation because I'll be conquering some fears, hopefully, or at least trying.

You saw my packing list. You read my lame-o first clues that didn't really provide accurate hints as to what I'm doing. You read clue 1: I'll be spending a week in one of the top outdoor meccas in the country. People here put Chicagoans to shame when it comes to physical activity. And I fear posting a picture from the area might give it away. Now it's time for No. 2. Again, this next clue still might not make much sense unless you heard me talking repeatedly about the trip or looked at the itinerary, but it is one of those things I can't help but think about and recall when I start worrying about everything I still have to pack.

Hint No. 2:

A lot of people head out this way for winter and summer outdoor activities, creating traffic to and from. And this place in particular is home to several professionals in sport--and I'll get to meet a few of them.

Stay tuned for a third and final clue tomorrow.

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