Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Will You Be Watching During the Olympics?

We've got Olympics fever. Credit: CefnFforestBluebird
You could say that I've been waiting for the next three weeks to roll around since the Olympic flame was extinguished in Beijing four years ago. If you thought I was a fan of the Winter Olympics, I'm an even greater fan of the Summer version. I literally camp out on the living room couch for the 17 days of competition watching everything from the prelims to the finals of swimming, gymnastics, track and field, and whatever else happens to be airing when I power on the TV.

It started off where I'd only watch the swimming events--it was my swimming background and the desperate desire to learn how to swim butterfly and breaststroke like the Olympians--as if it were my job to analyze every last detail. That was 1992--and I made the mistake of taping over those videotapes the next summer, thinking that I'd never need that footage again (oh how I wish I could watch Summer Sanders, Pablo Morales, Jenny Thompson and Mike Barrowman swim their way to gold). But by 2008, I was watching everything airing during primetime for two weeks straight. My rear literally left an imprint on the couch--good for Ironman training recovery (I rode my bike in the morning before the swimming prelims) but bad for anything else.

That's not to say that I'm not going to do it all over again starting Friday night. I'm armed with an arsenal of blank videotapes (I have yet to upgrade to a DVR) and ready to watch my way through another two weeks of sports. My favorites? Swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, and track and field. But this year I'm going to try not to miss triathlon, cycling, wrestling (a Northwestern grad is competing), and diving, too. Honestly, I think I'll take just about any sport the TV throws at me.

So Fit-Ink was wondering, especially with all the Olympics hype happening this week before the opening ceremonies, what sports will you be watching and following during these Summer Games? Take our poll and share your favorite sports in the comments. We'd love to hear 'em!

Photo grabbed from CefnFforestBluebird at flickr.

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