Monday, April 9, 2012

Reggie Bush Goes to Training Camp

After typing this post's title, I feel like I'm writing a children's book, perhaps one in the Berenstain Bears' series that often falls into a similar naming pattern. Reggie Bush Wins the Super Bowl, Reggie Bush Gets Traded to the Dolphins, Reggie Bush Falls in Love--and Out of Love--with Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush Scores a Game-Winning Touchdown. That's just to show how my mind is working this morning (I have full-blown powder brain even though there's no fresh snow in sight, but it is warm enough outside to tell me I'll love today's spring skiing conditions) when I start thinking about the former USC running back who dated Kim Kardashian and won a Super Bowl championship with the New Orleans Saints.

The above could be my initial associations with Reggie Bush, but I'd almost prefer (or definitely prefer in the case of Kardashian) to associate with him. It's this video where Bush is previewing, times 10 on the intensity scale, the eight-week Equinox Training Camp, ETC, program that the fitness powerhouse is about to unveil. I might not be able to try it on the field of Sun Life Stadium like Bush did, nor would I be even remotely as skilled, but I know I could sure use the mental and physical test it offers as well as its five foundations, the push, pull, squat/lunge, rotate and bend movements. Watch it:

I know I'm more than curious about this new sweat session--I want to try it! How about you? Would you give ETC a shot?

Video grabbed from Equinox's Q blog.

Note: It's Sun Life Stadium, not Sun Devil Stadium. I told you I had skiing brain. 

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