Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fit-Pic: Welcome Home, Lindsey

It's always a good day to be skiing in Vail. But it gets even better when Vail hosts a welcome home party for its world class athlete and World Cup champion, Lindsey Vonn. Arrabelle Square in Lionshead was decked out for a celebration this afternoon that brought Vonn back to Vail and marked the U.S. Ski Team retirement of local Sarah Schleper. In the above Fit-Pic, you'll see Vonn, Schleper's son Lasse, Schleper and Picabo Street--all three women are some pretty well-known and respected ski racers.

Hosted by Picabo Street, Vonn answered questions from a group of girls from Ski Girls Rock (I hope I'm getting this name right) who were lucky enough to race her down the mountain earlier in the day. My favorite answer from Vonn: how fast she travels down the mountain on her skis. The answer: the fastest is somewhere between 92 and 95 miles per hour. Wow! I'd get a ticket if I drove that fast, and I'd probably end up wrapped in the orange mesh nets lining the race course if I tried skiing at those speeds.

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