Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 10 Workout Songs for March

The weather's getting warmer, the days are growing longer, our training schedules are becoming more defined as those races we signed up for months ago are looming closer. I don't know about you, but that means a little switch up to the old workout playlist. Maybe it's because my old list reminds me of indoor workouts and I'm ready to transition outside, or maybe it's because I'm ready to push the pace and increase my current beats per minute that get me moving.

Run Hundred shared its top songs for March according to votes placed at its website, the most popular workout music site online. One of the songs is already on my playlist, added after I heard it on Grey's Anatomy so for once I feel less clueless about hits other exercisers are listening to. As for the list, here are the 10 hits Run Hundred found for March.
Not finding your favorites listed? To find more workout songs--and hear next month's contenders--check out Run Hundred's free database where you can browse songs by genre, tempo and era to build a workout playlist. Or check out the lists they shared with us in January and February.

What songs are you listening to this month?

Photo grabbed from Andrew Stawarz at flickr.

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