Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fit-Pic: Sunday Funday

From the looks of the above photo and the date that I'm posting it (it is March, after all), you'd think that I was reminiscing about summer, counting down the days until I could find beachcombers, volleyballers, cyclists and more scattered across the sand on any given Sunday.

But no, this was actually snapped earlier today. It's March 11. We just sacrificed an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Except I think everyone in Chicago forgot about that lost hour with our weekend weather. No heavy layers. No umbrellas (though Mother Nature is supposed to bring rain on Monday, but do we really care since we'll be back in the office?). No crowding into the gym to fight over treadmills and spinning bikes. Instead, we got a taste of summer: the hot runs (accompanied by the wish to have water with), the crowded Lakefront Path, the shirtless beach volleyball players, the sun tinting our skin. Oh yes, my face is showing a much rosier shade than it's sported all winter--sans goggle tans--and I even forgot about skiing for a while.

The one downfall to all this outdoor activity on a 23-hour day? I'm exhausted, and it's barely dinner time.

How did you spend your Sunday? Outside, I hope.

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