Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Biggest Loser's Marathon Mission

Maybe it's just me, but tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser is one that I've been looking forward to since Ramon and Jessica were eliminated. Jess because she was the quiet champion, in my eyes, who lost weight fast and looked athletic from the get-go, but unfortunately was viewed as a threat (if you do the math, she'd look like a waif if she lost half her body weight by the finale to stand up to the 400-plus dudes at the start, Antone, John and Vinny). Ramon because I liked the energy he brought to the show each week and rooted for him to make it to the finale with Antone, my other favorite.

My money is on one of these two, Ramon and Jessica, taking the win and finding themselves automatically into the finals, with a cash incentive to boot. They're younger than the other competitors, they've been training together post-show, they always looked like the least likely to break down during a physical challenge or Last Chance Workout, and they said they were determined to take the marathon win in their exit interviews.

Usually I don't get excited about these 26.2 miles; I'm more fearful, knowing from my own marathon experience that you can't train for a race in four weeks, regardless of the type of fitness base you've given yourself beforehand. And concerned, much like the folks who comment in the Runner's World forum. Take Bonnie who's been limping since the season's start. While I commend her for pushing herself through these grueling challenges at 63 years old, I hope she only has to walk half of tonight's marathon or is given the option to stop. It was painful enough watching Ron Morelli, the dad in the brown team father-son duo from season 7, suffer through the race with his swollen knees and battered body--and he's younger than Bonnie.

The key word though is race, because you can always run one if you're determined enough to cross the finish line. Just take me and my two 26.2 efforts from this year where I was injured in one and recovering from said injury in the other. Those races were two of my slowest times, but I was racing me, not the clock. I'm sure that all of the competitors have that determination--or if they don't, it'll look that way on TV--with the help of the trainers, BL alumni who I'm sure will be making a showing on the course, and maybe a family member or two.

The other reason for the excitement? It's cold, it's flurrying, it's getting dark far too early in the day. Doesn't exactly sound like a good combination for a workout, but I know watching them run will help me get through tonight's workout. If I sit on the couch to watch The Biggest Loser, I always feel 10 times lazier than when I'm sweating through their suffer fest (and often having my own on the bike).

Who do you think is going to take the crown tonight on Season 12's marathon? Ramon? Jessica? Jennifer? Another competitor?

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